Our Story

Whether you're looking for a special reward or just a tasty snack, Sophie's Sweet Cakes has the perfect treat for your furry friend.

Sophie was an amazing pug who touched so many hearts.  She was more than just a pet. Sophie was a member of our family, a constant companion, and a source of unconditional love. Her smile, wagging tail, and playful nature brought light into every room she entered. When Sophie was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing liver disease, our founder began to research a raw food diet that could help Sophie feel better.

The new food that Sophie was eating not only reversed the disease's progress, it also made her feel better and she began to regain her spark. Sophie’s veterinarian was so surprised at how much her health had improved; it seemed like she had made a full recovery. With her improved health, Sophie had many more adventures.
After 15 1/2 happy years, Sophie passed away in June 2022. Her legacy lives on in every cupcake we make.

We developed our 100% healthy, organic, gourmet treats for dogs with the knowledge gained making healthy treats for our beloved Sophie, and that same passion is put into the treats we make for your dog too.

At Sophie’s Sweet Cakes, we believe in giving back to our furry friends. That's why a portion of our profits goes towards animal shelters and organizations that help dogs in need. When you purchase our cupcakes, you're not only treating your dog to a delicious snack, but you're also helping other dogs in need.